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Iona vineyards
Harvest time 2016  

It was touch and go on Iona with the fire attacking our North Eastern flank. There was a stage where I had resigned myself to losing all our workers houses and part of of our vineyards. An overwhelming response from fellow farmers and workers, touched with a bit of good fortune with wind direction ensured that we were saved.

The ends of a few vineyards were singed and we have dropped the fruit off those vines to ensure they suffer no long term damage. Only a few vineyards were in the direct line of smoke and fire, in those veraison hasn't started yet, and with the harvest still about 8 weeks away, we don't expect any smoke taint as this is more of a problem when the grapes start accumulating sugars during the ripening process.

Soft, gentle rain started falling last night which will settle the fine ash and dust that has been pervading the environment.

The Gods were with us and we are very grateful for the wonderful support we have received from the larger wine community, fellow farmers, workers, friends and customers.

21 January 2016

Grapes wet with rain

Grapes wet after the gentle rain

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